I . R . A

"Incidir.Romper.Afectar" es una propuesta interactiva que trabaja sobre la noción de cuerpo, de su construcción / re-construcción a través de lo sonoro. Nace de un cuestionamiento a las estructuras, fines y procesos de aprendizaje que construyen al sujeto dentro de la disciplina clásica musical, proponiéndose como un tiempo para el experimento donde, a través del uso de los nuevos medios, la música o su práctica no funcionen como fin, como producto, si no como estrategia, como vehículo o herramienta para trabajar sobre el concepto de disciplina.

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live@femCODE. festival miradas de mujer. marzo 2014


During summer 2011 Galán developed a software built in Max MSP and supported by the Kinect that analysed her movement while playing and this movement affected the sound of cello building sound structures that unbalance her performance. This is a system built to force the performer (her) to react to the glitches produced by software and built to enable her to forgot what she had learned and embrace an experimental work in process based on error, glitch and malfunction.

Finally after various attempts she managed to create a sound pattern based on recording and repetition of small parcels of sound and a semi-controlled Granular Synth that tweaked in real time the sound of her performance.

This album aims to be a testimony of those recordings made on summer 2011. Those are a series of very short pieces in which Galán explores various sound possibilities of the cello being affected by the system built in Max MSP.

Texto: Edu Comelles

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Afección V

video digital
01'54" - DV PAL

Camera & Editing video by merisma